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As an Affiliate marketer, you know what it means and you already know how to earn online but if you are not one yet and you don’t know-Image result for google free affiliate images

An Affiliate marketer is an internet-based system where someone gets paid for referring customers to another business. If the person referred makes a purchase then the affiliate that sent them to the site earns a commission, which is a percentage of the sale price.  Simple isn’t it.  There are numerous affiliate programs out there to choose from so yes, affiliate marketing can earn you money.

Affiliate Programs – Free to Join

With so many Affiliate programs to choose from, doing your research and finding the right fit for your niche is important in how successful you can be.  Jumping into promoting the hottest thing or the highest priced item or the bestseller when it does not fit into what your niche will make it difficult to find your customer.   Promote things of interest and relevance to your niche, therefore, writing about them will come naturally, it should be like writing an email to a friend telling them about something great you discovered. Be yourself.

As a blogger with your own website, the best way to start earning money online would be to start selling advertisements.

  Ad Networks have different ways of payout – Which one works for you?
  • CPC -cost per click – just what it sounds like – payout per click
  • CPM – cost per impression –payout each time an ad is displayed
  • CPA – cost per action –payout based on acquisition (eg;sale,click,form submit)
  • CPS – Cost per sale – just what it sounds like – payout per sale

These are a few types of affiliate programs within different payout type. Choose the type that best suit your website at this moment, then add other types as you attract targeted visitors.  This will happen when you start producing relevant high-quality contents posts or you buy some targeted traffic for your site.  Start earning from being an affiliate and remember what is required of you when you join a program, this will be helpful in choosing the kind of payout program you start with.  If no one is clicking on your site yet don’t start with Ad networks programs(payout is per click).

 CPC..(cost per click) –  Ad Networks 

Some programs that use cost per click.

  • Google AdSense
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
CPM… (cost per mile or impression) Ad Networks

Some programs that use cost per mile or impressions.  Ads that are placed on CPM means that the advertisers will pay per 1000 impressions on that website.  If a publisher charges $10 then the advertiser will pay $10 for every 1000 impressions.

  • Conversant (formerly Valueclickmedia)
  • Openx
  • RhythmOne


CPA…(cost per action) Affiliate Networks

Some programs that use cost per Action or Cost per Acquisition.  The Action or Acquisition can be a ‘click, sale, contact request or newsletter sign up.’  This is the calculation that goes into coming up with the payout method with CPAs. To calculate CPA, you will need to take the cost and divide it by conversations. If you want to know the cost per converted clicks, you will have to take the cost and divide it by the converted clicks

  • Commission Junction (CJ)
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale
CPS (cost per sale) affiliate Networks 
  • Amazon 
  • Clickbank

If you don’t have any traffic is it best to start with a CPC payout program? Is that why Amazon and Clickbank are so big?  Amazon gives you 180 days to make a valid sale or they shut you down and give you the opportunity to re-apply at a later date.  There are pros and cons to all that I have seen but you and only you can decide which one will work for you.  The one thing and the most important thing I know we all need is

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”TRAFFIC” to make any money through any website, people have to come to you.  What is it that you have to offer? Be sure your site is saying that in the most honest and helpful way.

You can buy so-called targeted traffic (to be researched) and that is up to you, so be sure you have some tracking in place to see if you’re getting what you pay for. Writing relevant content on a consistent basis will get you targeted traffic.

What Are We Talking About


Related image Be authentic, be yourself and try not to be repetitive.  Be creative. No one wants to see just text when they click on a website, it doesn’t matter what it’s about.  Sometimes all some sites needs are bold line separation to break up long paragraphs when no relevant images are available.  Be creative with the marketing tools you get through your programs.  Some are better than others but they all have some, if you are very creative some vendors will allow you to produce your own promo banner for their product, with their permission of course.

Remember it is both a textual and visual experience that you want your visitor to encounter when they visit your site.  Maybe you have trouble writing anything at all, sometimes we over think the process and get in our own way, so relax, grab your favorite beverage and start typing (we have a delete button), find what works for you.  Are you still stuck, still afraid to push the publish button, there are pros out there at a cost, that can help, they may be able to give you started?

Affiliate View

So the answer is ”yes” you can earn an income from being an Affiliate Marketer.  The more affiliate programs and the more products or services you promote will increase your earning potential.  That being said the more programs(income stream)you join the more time it will take to manage them.  Remember you can have your account closed if you are not able to fulfill affiliate requirements.

You can find your own niche, use your passion and interest and not give up, be willing to invest some money or a commitment to putting in the time needed and have a lot of patience.  You have to get some knowledge without spending a fortune, on how to begin the process by helping you with setting up a website for starters.   It is a process. There is a lot to learn in order to succeed in the online world of making money, some people look on it as a get rich scheme place to work and everything is a scam they do not invest the time necessary to succeed as they would their brick and mortar business.   If you get the right training and some help from some like-minded people then you too can be one of the success stories, your own success story.

Nothing ventured, Nothing Gained.

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