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I wanted to work online so I could work from anywhere and that is how I ended up at Transcribe Anywhere and why I’m writing this review.

After leaving my brick and mortar job behind to be home for my youngest son, I started working from home. I didn’t necessarily call it a job but it was work. I was helping my husband by taking care of the Admin side of his company. He branched out on his own and his office was now a converted bedroom on the upper level and mine is in the belly of the beast along with laundry room and storage for everything including inventory for his company.
My long-term goal is to be able to spend winter months in the family home in Jamaica and eventually open a bed and breakfast there. I needed to find a way to earn while I travel so looking for a traditional job was no longer on my radar.

Does Work-At-Home Means Mobile-Work?

I taught myself how to use QuickBooks for bookkeeping (thanks to YouTube) and found myself in the role of website builder, tech person (so not qualified but in comparison, I am a computer genius) so I took on all of the above not because I was qualified (on the job training) but out of necessity.

He is an architectural designer and was an executive for a large firm and was accustomed to everything non-design been done for him and if something didn’t work…well, just call the tech guy. No tech guy here…just ME. He was now working for himself and he was in for a rude awakening as far as admin and paperwork go. Unfortunately, I was here to witness his realization but fortunately, I was able to help.

The company websites are up and running and the daily admin is not enough to keep me as engaged as I would like to be, so I turned online to see what I could find in way of earning an income.

My research showed me that although I wanted to work from home it didn’t necessarily mean that I could be mobile and that the reality is I could take a job and it would take away my ability to travel on my own schedule. I didn’t want to give up my freedom. There are call centers, customer support jobs from home that require you to be hardwired as far as technology goes.

———-> I had a decision to make <———-

  • Working online for myself would mean that I would most likely have to postpone making money right away.
  • Getting trained doing customer/product support and getting paid as soon as I put in the hours would mean giving up the freedom to get up and go whenever I felt like it(if I wanted to make money).

Transcribe Anywhere Gives You Freedom

Being a transcriptionist is one of the work opportunities I dug further into. I have the basic skill to get started, I can type (above-average speed) but I found out that I needed a lot more than just speed to succeed. When I came across Transcribe Anywhere website I was elated and they offered a free 7-day mini-course, sounded perfect, so I jumped on board.

When I first thought about transcribing, I only thought was about Medical or Legal and I was thinking of enrolling in a legal class until Janet Shaughnessy showed me about General transcriptionist and all its possibilities. There are so many places where you can find work, from companies to individuals who are using them (my ha-ha moment), all my work from home for someone else boxes are checked. I got my freedom back.

Do you want to know what happened to me while going through the course 

My husband took a break from his design work, to write a book, he said it was not by choice, he doesn’t consider himself a writer. He said that he felt compelled to write his book (‘From Madness to Peace‘) because of his ongoing relationship with the teachings of A Course In Miracles. Guess what…I got some practice.

He heard an interview on the radio while he was driving, it was about the rise of seniors divorcing after being married for 30+ years, they were calling it ”grey relationships” and several ladies were been interviewed.   It was quite relevant to what he was writing and asked if I could find the audio on the stations’ website and transcribe it for him so he would be able to read over it and see what he could include in his book. It was great practice and not as easy as I thought, it was challenging trying to figure out what was relevant and what could be left out because some interviewee was quite emotional as you may imagine.

This is exactly what Janet (transcribe anywhere) was talking about.  All those potential clients with audio and video files that will need general transcriptions to transcribe. I also realized that she was also correct in that you do need to be trained properly, without the proper training although you may be able to secure some jobs you will lose said, clients, because transcribing is more than just typing and no one will be paying you to submit inadequate work and there go your repeat customers and referrals.

  • Learn who uses transcriptionist
  • Learn the keys to success
  • Learn where transcriptionist work comes from
  • Learn why it may not be a good fit for you

The General Transcription course is not very expensive (it is an investment in your future) but may still be too much for some without a payment plan. You have the option of breaking down the payment for the course.  I knew I would need some equipment (foot pedal, software) and was concerned that the cost for taking this course would only balloon and go over my budget. I sent a personal email to Janet and voiced my concern, to be honest, I was expecting to get a generic answer but I was pleasantly surprised to get one that was far from generic and spoke directly to my concern. She told me not to purchase anything before I signed up for the course because I may be able to get some student discount on any necessary purchases.  Another positive in the checkbox and she was right.

My Give Away

If you’re looking to work from home and is thinking about transcribing this is a great place to get training.  This is not a download e-book training, this is Theory and Practice course.  You can get trained to do General or Legal transcribing the right way.

Legal Transcription Mini-Course: Transcription Foundations

As a legal transcriptionist, you could be listening to dictated recordings made by attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals and transcribe them into legal documents.

  • Legal transcriptionists are in high demand. Attorneys, court reporters, academicians, insurance companies, research institutions, and many others need legal transcriptionists to help them with the documentation required to fulfill their obligations on a daily basis.
  • You’ll learn from the experts. Dynamic video content, plenty of practice, tutorials, marketing how-to’s, and a supportive community to guide you every step of the way.
  • Get there faster. Trying to learn as you go is like stumbling around in the dark. Make fewer mistakes with a safe training ground first, then hit the ground running.

You may have a background in the legal field and is in need of a side hustle to supplement your income, training as a legal transcriptionist would not be a stretch. This is something that you can do whenever and once you’re trained you are trained.  When you enroll you are a lifetime member with access to ongoing support and updates.  Is this going to make you a millionaire?…NO… it’s just a great way to make a good legitimate income and you can do it from anywhere at any time.

I hope this was helpful in showing you another way to earn an income from home if you don’t have a product to sell and is not interested in operating your own business.  They also have an affiliate program that you can promote and earn from.

Do you want the freedom to work anywhere and on your own schedule?  This is a great place to gain the skills to do just that. 

Please let me know if you have any questions I can help with and you can leave your comments below.

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  1. Wonderful and informative article.I have been looking into transcribe jobs because my company has been downsizing and well just in case. I don’t want to return to the Corp America cubicle setting. Never again. Thanks for the info!

    • You’re welcome. It’s another income source and you can be your own boss. Glad I could help. Thanks for stopping

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