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What kind of reward are you looking for when you sign up for a Free program?

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Some people are satisfied with collecting points and redeeming them for whatever that program offers.  I find most surveys to be that way.  It may be gift cards to restaurants, department stores, load a prepaid credit card or collect points to go to your Paypal account.  That’s great, it’s a choice and maybe it’s just an additional income stream that you have online.

Most people are looking for cold hard cash.  Some want it right away, while others are more realistic and are willing to put in the time to get it. They want to learn what to do to earn that cash.  The realistic ones are looking for sustainable income.  Income that is going to keep coming in over and over again.


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Do you have to know the contents?  Do you have to agree with the contents?  As salespeople, we sell things on our job that we know is not the quality people think they are getting but “we just work there”.  We can’t always do what we feel is right when you are not the boss.  If you willingly choose to promote something you should at least be informed about the product.  I haven’t yet looked at the process and what changes you are allowed to make when re-branding an ebook.

What I got from that was it’s not for everybody.  What is? We like what we like and if you have to work at something let it be something you like. There is something out there for everyone. If you choose to go for re-branding of ebooks, do your research on the topic and make as many changes to it as you are permitted to do.  Take ownership of the product and make it your own.




Who are E-Book Readers?

Research shows that more women than men fall into that category as do younger consumers.

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  1. We live in a DIY world now. I thought e readers were silly when I first saw them but clearly I was the silly one..

    • Hi Brandon
      Everyone is trying to save money or make some. DIYing is a great way to do both. E-Books are good at doing both.
      Thanks for stopping by

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