Traffic – How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website

We need to know how to get the right traffic. We need visitors that are looking for what we are offering. Targeted Traffic.

We’re in the online business and just like the store down the road, we all need to get traffic, people to stop in.  We also want them to stop by, look around, stay awhile.  We have the information they’re looking for, we have the product or service they searched for.

If you’re selling paint and they stop in more than not… it’s because they’re looking for paint. Whatever you’re selling the people who stop by are actually interested in learning more about the product or looking to buy. It is your job to present your product in a way that will keep your visitors engaged so that the potential customer is informed about their interest and confident in making a purchase, or accepting the product or information you’re selling.

Why should they buy from you and not the guy down the road? – Why your website and not the next guy.

Your visitors have to trust you, so first they have to get to know you.  This happens over time when you are reliable and consistent with credible information, product or service.  Don’t promote things you don’t believe in because of short-term gains.  Income will dry up pretty fast from a source like that, you need repeat customers.


How Do You Get Visitors – Paid or Free

Site content – When we search online, most times we have a general idea of what we’re looking for and other times it is very specific. What you need to do is provide information on the topic your site is about…your niche. Let the world know everything and anything about your niche.

eg. Beds—>bunk beds, 4-poster beds, brass bed, bed size, custom bed, antique beds, you get the idea plus all the accessories that any good bed would need

You are the expert in your niche. Posting relevant and keyword rich content can only do good things for you with Google, the possibilities seem endless. Post to relevant social communities you may(should) be involved with, share your expertise and get targeted traffic.

Be Active – Post Often – Be Relevant.

Traffic Website – Some traffic sites have surf for credit or some kind of exchange (surf 20 site and your site will get 20 visits). Remember the surf for credit site is not targeted, if you are surfing to get credits, the sites you surf show up randomly. Other than some general questions you may have answered to sign up with the site you have no control over what shows up on your screen. You can see how surfing would be time just wasted…do you have any interest in the sites you are surfing? The person surfing and seeing your site also has no interest, you need targeted visitors.

When you pay for traffic, I think you get some bad with some good. I think although it is targeted most of these traffic sites are targeting from the same group, meaning the same people may be seeing your site multiple times and it may not ever be viewed by fresh eyes over multiple campaigns.

Yes, I know no one buys on the first go except the impulse buy which is a low percentage to rely on, but we also don’t want to be that message that just gets deleted from the inbox without opening. Spread your marketing money over intervals, do short campaigns so you can see where to best put your focus on and get the targeted traffic you are looking for.



Social Media – How Can You Use It To Get Traffic

Social Media – We have facebook, twitter, Instagram, just to name a few, they can be a great tool for getting targeted traffic.

Facebook – there are so many ways to promote your business it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Create a page – a facebook page is a profile of your brand or business
  • Share – ”FB insight tool” will help you with the ”how”. ”Comment” and ”Like” to drive traffic
  • Make a connection – ”build audience tool” can help with the ”how”, join groups with a similar interest
  • Be active with your followers – create contents that your followers will like and want to comment on
  • Facebook ads – with their advertising options you can position your custom ads in users news feed

Twitter – You need to be pro-active and creative with your marketing to get the targeted traffic you need.

  • Keep it short – when you tweet about a blog post you don’t have to use the title of the post, keep it short
  • Be provocative – take your blog post title and turn it into 4 or 5 different outrageous tweets for your blog
  • Use #hashtags – send your tweets to various #topics and not just to your followers
  • Ask for retweets – you should retweet what you “like” and ask your followers to RT

Instagram – Your business one must be separate from your personal account if you’re going to use it to promote

  • Include a link – your bio is the one place to click a link to your website
  • Stay recognized – be consistent with your name and logo so people automatically know who you are
  • Stay interesting – post what your followers are interested in
  • Be visual – add relevant quality pictures to your site
  • Make your bio interesting and don’t turn it into a sales pitch. Who are you, what you do and let a bit of your personality shine through should cover it. It’s the last thing they see before they decide to follow you.

Of course, there are so many other means to get targeted traffic from many other social sites, those were some examples and I’m sure you noticed that they have a lot of things in common.

My Give Away

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, the shop down the street or your online business, I think that is clear, it’s only the means that is different.
Getting targeted traffic is not just set it and forget. It is the rinse and repeat method that will work best. This is more true with getting traffic through social media, the key is staying active. Posting relevant content, liking and commenting on a post, retweeting and using #hashtags to expand your reach, be consistent with your online identity.
Some people find it hard to navigate a lot of social media site for promoting their business but not to worry there are how to (click links) site to help you get the most out of your social media network.

Sharing what you know and passing on your reviews of products or services you have tried is the best way to get visitors to your site. Stay relevant and success will follow.

====>If you want to make money online you MUST know how to get traffic.<====

I hope you found something useful here, thanks for stopping.  Please leave comments below.


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  1. You have some great suggestions on here. My personal favorite is about instagram. I am currently in the process of trying to set one up for my business. I will be using your tips to help me out in this. Thank you

  2. Wow, you make it with your positive “go get it ” attitude. It is only fitting that anyone wanting traffic needs to take action especially from this clear and informative post. You read like you are a positive person with a sense of direction and it comes out in this article

  3. thank you for this information. I didn’t know about a Traffic Website but sounds like a waste of money, I am also interested in your information about keeping your personal profile from your business profile. Can you provide more information on why that is? thank you!

    • Hi Lyndsay,
      I don’t believe traffic websites actually deliver the targeted traffic they claim but they do deliver traffic. Instagram allows you to have more than account,
      https://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/how-to-manage-multiple-instagram-accounts/ (a site to help with setting up multiple accounts)
      It’s a good idea to keep business and personal(family) account separate…you don’t want to bother your family and friends with every business promo/idea that comes your way and you don’t want to post family affairs to a business account. Hope that helped. Thanks for stopping.

  4. Lots of good info here – Good site content is definitely the least expensive way to get visitors… and if your content is helpful they may even connect with you or return. That’s the goal, right? I love this Be Active – Post Often – Be Relevant. Awesome advice.

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