About Me

Hi, my name is Beverley and I want to tell you how I got here.  I actually got here (WA) by accident.

At home by the lake

I quit my job over a year ago to be home when my youngest son gets home from school(he has down syndrome).  The company I worked for would not allow me to adjust my schedule (against company policy )I love the people I worked with and a lot of us are still friends but I was happy to leave…ecstatic…elated…I had been unhappy working there for a very long time and this was the sign I needed to make me leave.

I started looking for work online again due to a wake-up call I had recently, but also to gain financial independence.  I started looking for the typical stuff, what I call safe stuff, data entry stuff, proof-reading, income source that I felt would not be a rip-off.



How My Journey Went

On one of those data entry site, I clicked a link which sent me to a video, something about teaching you how to make money online and it would cost only $1(trial stage)…so I signed up, I was eager to find out about it.

  • I spent hours going through the training program, doing the tasks, I got a phone call, tons of email and I sent a text to my coach(I did not get a response) but I could not wait to get back to it the next day(my $1 is only good for so long).
  • I even made a new folder in my email so I could stay organized.

I’m through at least half the lesson in record time and decided to take a look around online to see if there was any chatter about this company that was going to give me, their expertise and the tools needed to do just what I wanted to do online.  I’m here because I already had the desire. 

By doing the work I would be able to earn online.  I just have to pay a monthly cost that I could afford….every physical business has expenses so why should I expect to not pay to operate a business online.

The first site I saw indicating something shady about the owner, I clicked it.  It was a review on the company, it was not a negative one but rather one that was set up to debunk things that were been said about the owner and dressed up for you to sign up for the said company under them.  I read through some comments and questions then left the site.

I clicked the next one that indicated something shady and began to read.  This one claimed to have investigated the company by joining and paying to move up levels, they showed the cost for all the different levels   (I did not know any of this although I was halfway through their training).  They also said that the owner was being sued and provided a link(I did not click), they ended by telling you to make up your own mind because although the said company was not doing anything illegal, their actions/claims were unethical(their view).


This Is Where I Ended Up

I was invited to find out how they themselves were making money online and how and why they got started.  I found out that my ”they” was a guy telling his story.  I clicked to join(it was free) and that is how I ended up at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are motivated to make a commitment to learning how to succeed with your online business, this is the BEST place I have found to do that.  It is not a scam.  The training and support you get are worth more than the monthly fee you pay(hosting included).

  • A great support system
  • Tools that any business online will need
  • Training classrooms
  • Live Video training including how to grow your local business
  • Live chat with the community for help and encouragement
  • Access to the owners in live chat or pm

My Give Away

I have searched to find chatter about the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and so far I have found nothing that would deter me from being there.

I have not been promised anything that seems unattainable.

There are two levels ….one is FREE…one you PAY (if you want),

There is a community that is very welcoming and helpful.  The owners are very welcoming and helpful.

I see great opportunities with Wealthy Affiliate and the ability to generate and maintain an income…..I believe the amount of effort I put in will be the deciding factor as to how much I earn with Wealthy Affiliate.

I have not paid to upgrade to Premium(the only other level)…not Yet…

I wrote a comment the other day on our community activity board, to the fact that I would have upgraded then because there is a 61% discount(you also get the discount)…so it’s only $19…but my bank balance is at $15.  My bank balance is now less than $15.

I am going to go get the money(husband) and upgrade Today.  

===>===>I upgraded to Premium the next day.<===<===

If you were like me, looking to make an income from working online but don’t know how to start or If you have been trying to make an income from working online but have not been successful at it; I urge you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please leave me a comment below, here is a direct link to my WA profile.

Thanks for stopping