How To Make Money Online

I’m not going to tell you at this time I am earning a living online(not enough to cover ALL my monthly expenses). Image result for google free lie images That would be a lie and if you’re actually doing your research (trying not to get scammed) before you believe anyone online then this would be easy to prove based on how long I have had this site for.   That means I am not making enough money per month YET to meet the goals I have set for myself.

I’m an affiliate of WA, although first I’m with them because I am being schooled on how to succeed in my online business.  I’m an affiliate marketer promoting Wealthy Affiliate along with other affiliate programs because I see results from the training I’m getting there.  Already you can see how you can make money online.

Affiliate Marketing.  Image result for google free affiliate images

Find something you believe in and invest the time to find out if it actually delivers on what it offers and you can earn by promoting it.  Wealthy Affiliate can be 1 of your programs, promoting the amazing service they provide.  WA is a no-brainer because they let you join for FREE (you can stay for free forever) and with the 2-Free websites, they give you..everything to promote it is Free except the TIME you want to invest in making money online.  The amount of time you spend learning and doing will greatly affect how much you can make as an Affiliate for any program.

Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate with Other Affiliate Programs.

Let’s say you decided to go the affiliate route and join a few other affiliate programs.  You need a website to promote these other affiliate programs.  You will get from all those programs the promotional materials you need to point your traffic to their products.  All at no cost to you.  Where are you going to place all these banners and codes you get from all those income sources you’re hoping to earn commission from?

I am doing it with Wealthy Affiliate because it is the only place I found that has all ”The Tools” I need in one place- the websites – hosting – the training – the support


-I could Test Drive my online plan on how to earn here for FREE..After seeing what I needed to see first, I upgraded after 2 weeks.

-There are offers out there for FREE websites but then you’re on your own to figure out how things work.

-The Training is available in both written and video form, you can go back and revisit any topic at any time plus there is the live chat where you can ask questions and get immediate answers or just socialize with the community.

This is just one of the ways I’m generating money online.

This is my honest take on Wealthy Affiliate.

As my site says “ways u can make money online”, this is one way you can do that.  This is a journey for me and I will share with you as I learn more.

Are you making money online?

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