Surveys – Are They Worth Your Time

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

How do you feel about survey offers telling you how you can make money online with them.  Not get rich (not those ones) just make some extra money monthly.

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It is FREE to join they say and ”yes” they are Free to join.  You can EARN they say, sounds good so far.  Now I have signed up for enough of these surveys to know this.  It is not that simple.  All surveys are not created equal.  They say take a survey, you say ”ok”.  Now you know the payout is minimal but that’s ok, a few bucks a day for giving your opinion on products or service,  that too is ok, because you think or hope it will add up to something at the end of the month.

What is not OK, ”you don’t qualify for this survey”, ”this survey is closed to you” and on and on it goes.  You sometimes have to go through 4 or 5 attempts at qualification and each attempt can take up to 5mins or more before that message that you want to see rears its head in order for you to get a survey that will run for about 20 minutes to get entered into a sweepstake or earn .80 cents.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

At this point I don’t want to continue so I may take my .80cents add it to my account, now I’m up to $4.80 and move on for the day, to get payout the minimum is $20. Hopefully, I will live to do this again tomorrow and hope for a better outcome.  I don’t close my account but after logging into my account daily and having to go through this, it can be very discouraging.  I have one account that gives me at least 2points or 2cents for every survey I attempt to complete but do not qualify for…I know it’s only pennies but I feel like my time is appreciated.

I Had To Decide – Focus

Time management is what I’m calling it.  I’m starting to see some movement with the surveys I now get. Giving them a fair chance was what I decided to do.  I decided to commit a specific time frame to when I do my surveys.

Not a set amount of time but a specific time to start each day and work my way through all my survey sites.  When I get invited to take a survey via email alert, I no longer jump on them, I wait for that start time I set for myself because I may not qualify for that particular one.

I found that during the course of the day when I interrupt the task that I am working on, to take a survey, I would end up frustrated and a bit anxious.

WHY?  The change I made to attend to the survey did not yield a positive result (you do not qualify for this survey) this would just piss me off…..then I would have to refocus on the task I left. So now I wait for my own start time, my own schedule, I do the ones I get qualified for and sometimes I can end up doing 2 or 3 for that specific site. On some sites, you can get bonus points so I always try and do those too.  I always try to earn something on a site before I leave it, this is how I work through all my survey income sites.Image result for free images of surveys

You may be saying, well that is a waste of time, the payout just is not worth it. I’m trying to think long-term and that at some point this will change and I will get better-paying surveys or I will start sending only ones I qualify for based on the profile I completed when I joined.

Maybe I will be one of the sweepstake winners for the quarter and the payout would show me making $500+ per month for that particular quarter. I also believe in the opinion giving part of my survey sites and that’s the only reason I don’t consider it a waste of time.  I have seen topics that I gave my opinion show up in the news weeks or months later (survey conducted shows….), it’s interesting knowing your voice is included in it. It was free to join and remains free and at the end of the day, I still get rewarded.

It takes pennies to make dollars.

Doing The Mystery Thing

This is the same thing that is happening with being a mystery shopper.

It’s FREE to join but you have to upgrade to get the better-paying job offers. Now the upgrade is less than $10 but it is not a one-time payment, they have a few different plans that you can choose from, be it payment for a week or payment for the 30-day plan.  Some of these assignments only pay $13 and you have to send a report it.  This scenario feels like, I pay to get a job, I travel(I have to leave my house) put in the time it takes to gather the necessary information for the assignment then come home and write and submit a report.  Suppose I only qualify for one job/assignment within the 30 days, then I have just spent time and money to get this job.  In that scenario, as far as I am concerned, I just lost money.  So far I haven’t gone on any mystery assignments but I think I better just jump in and check it out.

My Give Away

I know you’re asking,”Why bother doing them?”  I am counting on persistence and endurance to see this through.  I have redeemed points from one of my accounts to my Paypal account and I am encouraged by that to continue.

Have you had a similar experience with Surveys or Mystery Shopping or are you one of the fortunate ones making

a few hundred or more per month doing surveys?

This is another way of making money online and it comes with the same lessons.  It’s not, get rich quick, it takes time and it takes work to develop a sustainable passive income online.  BUT…It can be done.

Share your experience, please leave a comment to spread the word.

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